Energy Physical Therapy
Energy Physical Therapy

Our 100% Therapy Approach

100% of your physical therapy will be spent with a Medicare-certified doctor of physical therapy. You get 100% of our attention with our one-to-one in-home therapy (as compared to large practice centers where you are treated alongside other patients, and may only see the therapist for 10 minutes per treatment session). Our professional in-home treatments are designed to expedite your healing.

Individualized Care

With Energy Physical Therapy, you'll receive individualized care with our doctor of physical therapy. Dr. Julie Adamski will evaluate you and treat you from the start of your treatment through to discharge. Our experience has found that continuity of care is important in expediting healing for a successful rehabilitation.  


If you have difficulty and pain performing activities of daily living, we can offer better ways to minimize pain, increase function and improve your life. 


Problems with steps? 

We can help you navigate your steps in a safe and effective manner. 


Problems with standing tolerance? 

We can help manage pain and increase your task of overall standing by providing you with education and tools to achieve your goals. 


Just have surgery, but not classified as homebound? 

We can give you peace of mind by traveling to you for your in-home surgical rehab. 

Services Provided

We treat a variety of patient injuries, balance/fall prevention, pre/post-surgical, and/or diagnosis that are both orthopedic and neurologically involved. Services include:

  • History of falls or loss of balance
  • Osteoarthritis (OA), Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)
  • Osteoporosis, Osteopenia
  • Muscle and joint sprains/strains
  • Post-surgical rehab: total knee, total hip, total/reverse shoulder, spine/back surgery.
  • Neurological: Stroke, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s
  • Loss of daily function/activities
  • Loss of endurance, strength
  • Poor posture
  • In-home safety and fall evaluation

Questions About Our Treatments?

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Energy Physical Therapy

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“No matter what health issues or injuries life sends your way, you can maximize your daily quality of life with the right treatment and training.”

Dr. Julie Adamski
founder, Energy Physical therapy

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