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Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we provide answers to the most commonly asked questions about physical therapy. We hope you enjoy the information and share it with others. If you do not find the information you are looking for, please contact us

Treatment Questions


Why would I choose at home therapy over a traditional outpatient clinic?

Traditional clinics employ technicians, aids, and assistants as part of your therapy. With Energy Physical Therapy, you receive one-to-one care in the privacy of your home, plus our licensed doctor of physical therapy performs all your treatments. View our therapy page >


How do I get a prescription for physical therapy?

Only your physician can order physical therapy treatments, but you can help speed the process by downloading our pre-printed script, bringing it to your physician and asking for therapy with Energy Physical Therapy.


What do I need for my first appointment?

Start by wearing athletic and comfortable clothing and have water available for hydration. Read our patient information page for more details on what to expect during your first visit.  


Do I need any special equipment for physical therapy?

No, our physical therapist will bring everything you need to each visit. If you do have your own exercise equipment, we can teach you how to use it in a more effective and safer manner for your present condition.


My balance has been off, but I don’t fall because I catch myself. Can I receive physical therapy?

Yes! It is so much easier to prevent a fall than fix a broken hip. We can improve your balance, prevent falls, and do an in-home safety and fall evaluation.


I just had a total knee replacement and my doctor ordered manual therapy. Do you do that?

Yes, we excel at manual therapy and can provide more time and attention to your needs in your home than in a traditional outpatient clinic.


I just had surgery. I am not homebound, but I am too nervous to drive and don’t want to bother my spouse. Can you help?

This is the perfect situation where in-home physical therapy will help set your mind at ease. Your physician ordered physical therapy to help you get back to performing daily activities such as driving. At Energy Physical Therapy, we will design a strengthening program to help you feel more confident in walking to and driving your car. As an added benefit of in-home treatment, we can see the stairs and other obstacles in your environment that you must navigate. Our treatment plan is personalized and can help you more quickly achieve your goals.

Insurance & Payment Questions


We welcome your questions about whether your health insurance covers the costs of your treatments. Please contact us with your specific insurance issues. 


I am not homebound. Will my insurance cover physical therapy in my home?

Yes, if you have Medicare. Medicare guidelines state that private practices like Energy Physical Therapy, LLC can provide Medicare Part B services in the privacy of your home.


I have commercial insurance; can I receive physical therapy in my home?

Typically, insurance companies follow Medicare’s lead, however, most commercial insurance does not cover physical therapy at home. But we’re happy to do insurance verification for you.


I’ve reached my limit with visits covered by my insurance provider. Can I be seen by Energy Physical Therapy?

Yes, we offer self-pay options for patients who have either exhausted their insurance premiums or simply prefer to receive quality one-to-one care in the privacy of their homes.


How many visits will I have with a physical therapist under Medicare?

Your therapist will assess your goals and needs during your initial evaluation and will recommend a treatment plan. Typically, plans include 10 visits. If you meet your goals prior to the completion of your plan, you will be discharged to an individualized home exercise program. If you have not met your goals, you will be reassessed for potential continuation of therapy.


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