Energy Physical Therapy
Energy Physical Therapy

On the move to help YOU get moving again!

Energy Physical Therapy Comes to You

Energy Physical Therapy is an outpatient rehabilitation practice that performs physical therapy in the comfort of our patients' homes. 

House calls are back!


At Energy Physical Therapy, we bring the outpatient clinic to you. We can maximize your home physical therapy, rehabilitation and exercise program to address your individual needs in the comfort of your own home. 


Benefits of In-Home Physical Therapy

  • You are treated in the comfort of your own home making you more relaxed and receptive to care
  • You get continual care and one-to-one attention from our doctor of physical therapy, and are not passed from aid to technician the way you might be at large physical therapy clinics
  • Because we actually see your home, we can better tailor your daily goals to your physical environment
  • Medicare (part B) covers your in-home treatments


See our map to find out if you live within our treatment areas which are located primarily in the Montgomery County area of Southeastern Pennsylvania.  


Our Mission

Energy Physical Therapy LLC is a patient centered, in-home experience that provides functional, purposeful, quality physical therapy without the crowds in the convenience of your own home. 


We believe in empowering patients through education, exercise, and manual therapy to achieve individualized goals with the benefit of one-on-one care with a physical therapist.

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Energy Physical Therapy

Serving Pottstown and neighboring areas


On the move to help YOU

get moving again!

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“No matter what health issues or injuries life sends your way, you can maximize your daily quality of life with the right treatment and training.”

Dr. Julie Adamski
founder, Energy Physical therapy

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